Reservee - Save yours and your clients’ time

Allow customers to make appointments for your services as quickly as possible and without phone calls. Your availability is your advantage. Be available to those who need you and they will be grateful for this time-saving approach . The application is currently available for free download.


Your availability is your advantage

Digitalization and optimization of the work process create additional time. Offer existing and future clients the opportunity to be one click away from your service.


Customers’ trust is the guarantee of your business. With a modern service, you gain clients who want to save their time and stay faithful to you.


With Reservee, both you and your clients will be sure to make an appointment. Avoid the possibility of losing a client due to a misunderstanding or missed phone call.


At any time, you will have an insight into the number of reservations which optimizes your work process; by saving time you save money.


Who is Reservee for?

To all business persons and individuals who want to be available to the users of their services through a modern method, without phone calls or potential loss of an appointment which often leads to the loss of clients. The application was created to enable booking of services, to check the availability of appointments or reschedule them within a certain period of time.

  • Service companies that require appointments and daily phone communication: dental offices, ophthalmologists, hairdressers and beauty salons, restaurants, hotels and hostels, private practices, etc.
  • Individual and group fitness instructors, gyms, yoga and pilates instructors
  • All consultants for whom the app would serve as a personal assistant

Why Reservee?

Simple and easy access to reserved and available appointments for your service. You can see the schedule of your booked appointments at any time, and plan your free time accordingly.

  • Planning
    Reservee changes the current way of work organization, provides insight into reserved and free time; this, in turn, contributes to business optimization and saving money.
  • Transparency
    Responsive and intuitive design offers a clear overview of everything your business has to offer.



Download Reservee

Reservee is currently free for download with all available options, which will be improved overtime. Download the app and see your business becoming simpler and more flexible. Be available to those who need you and save yours and your clients’ time.

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